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A fascinating study that has teams of scientists working around the clock in Sweden.

Virtually everything Harry Hayman does, he does creatively…he is a true GEMINI/TAURUS Cusp/INJF

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Harry Hayman

Writing, Giving Back, Consulting, Planning, Thinking, Collecting, Living.

He writes creatively...


He gives back creatively…

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He consults creatively…


He plans creatively…


He thinks creatively...


He collects creatively…


He lives creatively…


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Harry Hayman Doesn’t Do it By Himself

Every creative idea I can think of that I’ve put into place wasn’t smoothed out and polished by me alone.


John Christopher Webb

Creative Partner - Born in Delawareand later moved to Swedesboro, New Jersey. Here he was educated, and his musical gifts were cultivated in the public-school district and church (Philadelphia, PA).

London 1986

David Greenberg

David Greenberg graduated from the film program at Temple University and worked in production before deciding to focus on screenwriting. His feature writing-directing debut “Stomping Ground” premiered in 2016. He specializes in writing screenplays for ultra-low budget films and shorts. He has been hired to write or doctor over 50 feature, short and documentary screenplays. His short film “The True Meaning of Cool” won an award from the American Film Institute. Another short film, “Interrogation,” won a Special Jury Prize at the L.A. Neo-Noir Film Festival. David contributed a chapter on the history of photography to Walter Foster Publishing’s “The Daily Book of Photography” and was also hired to write the book “100 Movies To Watch With Your Kids.” David teaches screenwriting at Drexel University and University of the Arts in Philadelphia. David evaluates screenplays for the prestigious Austin Screenwriters Conference and is active in the Philadelphia screenwriting community, frequently reading screenplays for The Set In Philadelphia Screenplay Competition and serving as a panelist/mentor at various workshops aimed at nurturing new talent. Greenberg is now branching out into producing, joining the team behind “American Zealot,” a bio-pic about controversial Civil Rights activist Cecil B. Moore.

Richard Carpenter

Richard is a father of two, disgruntled citizen, and 2D/3D artist for hire. Raised as a traditional illustrator, he then began a sordid college affair with Zbrush, and then 3DS Max. Now, Rich uses all kinds of 2D and 3D software to create what is at least perfectly adequate, and sometimes horrifyingly peculiar art. His work may be viewed at www.skruffey.art!

Where we explore the creative aspects of Harry Hayman.

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